Vimeo Deletes Video Chronicling Devastation Of Transgender Ideology

Video-sharing website Vimeo removed an explosive documentary from its platform that chronicled the damage done by transgender ideology to three families.

The families reported that their lives were turned upside down when their children began to identify as transgender. The documentary, titled “Dead Name,” was scrubbed from the site after becoming available last month for rental or purchase.

However, Vimeo confirmed to Fox News Digital that Dead Name ran afoul of its “Acceptable Use Policy,” which regulates “harmful, hateful, and misleading content.” The company is a New York-based video hosting site and said it refunded all purchases of the film.

It was featured on the platform for only 34 days.

Filmmaker Taylor Reece strongly disagreed with Vimeo’s explanation, citing two major concerns. The first was censorship, which of course is a serious matter. But the other “is the issue itself, which has got to be discussed.”

Reece expressed disappointment in Vimeo, saying “this is clearly yet another pressure campaign, and they just folded. I can assure you there was no hate speech in this film.”

Dead Name has since been loaded onto a different website where it may be rented or purchased.

Reece said that a member of her extended family is dealing with the problems she addressed in her work. In preparation for the documentary, she interviewed over 100 parents.

The film focused on three parents named Amy, Helen, and Bill. Their children’s problems with gender identity began when they were 15, 4, and 18, respectively.

All three parents expressed their concerns that their children’s unsettled identities were brought on by outside influences. Each parent had encounters with professional therapists who sided with their children and confirmed their transition to the opposite gender.

After Bill’s son Sean died from what he believes were the hormones administered, his son’s classmates criticized him for calling his son “Sean.” In transgender ideology, that was now his “dead name,” and thus the title of the documentary.

Reece related that all three parents felt ostracized and isolated by the situations, and so-called professionals only made the situations worse. It is a story worth telling, but now it is another cautionary tale of Big Tech censorship that wants to suppress all dissenting information.