Virginia State Representative Nick Freitas Say What We Have All ‘Wanted To Hear’

Recently Virginia has proven an interesting state for local politics. We hope that some of the manly courage and conviction we’ve seen from men like Glenn Youngkin and Nick Freitas catches on across the nation.

Who is Nick Freitas? According to his Twitter bio for @NickForVA, he is a husband, father, and Green Beret Combat Veteran. Sounds like my kind of guy. He recently decided to stand up for the freedom-loving, faithful conservatives and Christians denounced and slandered by Democrats daily. Leftists have shown that their knee jerk reaction to conflict is to attack their opponent’s character.

Rush Limbaugh used to joke that he was called a racist, misogynist, and Islamophobic to get him to shut up. Well, one Virginia State Representative, Nick Freitas, has had enough of the Rush treatment. He ripped into Democrats who have one tactic when they get pushed back on bad policy and insult their opponents. Democrats everywhere shout “bigot,” “misogynist,” or “racist” any time someone has the boldness to contradict them.

Nick said, “Enough. I’ve had it, my constituents have had it, and I’m not going to stay here while someone in this body accuses us of being narrow-minded mostly because we disagree on arrangement.”

Nick Freitas is another up-and-coming Republican in Virginia who deserves a bigger platform in the US House or Senate. He is determined to get rid of state-run alcohol stores, authoring a bill this week that requires the Virginia Alcoholic Board to sell stores to private business owners. Who was the moron who thought that only the government could sell beer and liquor? This reform needs to occur across the country, in states like Pennsylvania, Alabama, Idaho, New Hampshire, North Carolina, and Utah.

Representative Nick Freitas says the state’s present framework for alcohol deals is obsolete.

Freitas also proposed a 20-week abortion boycott like the Louisiana heartbeat law. He defended Virginia Governor Youngkin from vile attacks. Democrat Don Scott accused Youngkin of intentionally creating conflict. Because Youngkin was not an anti-racist or supporting CRT, he must be a bigot. He went further, “So far, what I’ve seen from his Day 1 activities is not a man of faith, not a Christian, but someone who seeks to divide the commonwealth.” That set off Freitas, who said, “I’m not about to sit here and listen to that.” And hammered Scott for his malicious attack on Youngkin and his faith.

Freitas has also supported a bill requiring Virginia government organizations to give FOIA documents based on residents’ requests. It would be a refreshing blast of transparency.

Nick Freitas has also offered the Virginia General Assembly a bill that will end the act of observing daylight saving time. ‘End time abuse’ is the battle cry we all should take up in every state in America. The regulation would stop daylight saving time. HB 303 excludes Virginia from observing daylight saving time. It would make Eastern Standard Time the standard time in Virginia all year.

What a great idea! Only Hawaii, Arizona (barring the Navajo Nation), Puerto Rico, Guam, American Samoa, and the US Virgin Islands have regular standard time zone-based hours in the day.

No more springing forward or falling back! End time abuse. Ben Franklin proposed it as a joke in a mysterious letter to The Journal of Paris. World War I was used as an energy-saving measure and became federal law in the Uniform Time Act of 1966. A report by the US Division of Energy in 2008 confirmed that daylight savings brought about an irrelevant decrease in energy utilization. Nick Freitas is fighting the right battles. Let’s back him up!