Visa Will Permit The Flagging Of Firearms Purchases

Despite mountains of evidence that shows targeting legal gun owners doesn’t stop crime, Democrats have continued down this road.

Each and every time new gun control measures are put through, leftists argue this is about public safety and saving lives.

Unfortunately, it’s actually been proven that gun-free zones are direct targets of mass shooters. In Buffalo, New York, a mass shooter admitted in his manifesto that he targeted the state due to its tight firearms restrictions.

Democrats, however, are kicking things up a notch. There’s been an ongoing campaign to have credit card companies specifically tag gun and gun-related purchases in a way that makes them easier to flag.

Visa, a major credit card company, has announced it will make this change, per the Democrats’ demands.

What to Know About Visa’s Decision
Initially, guns and other related purchases were tagged by Visa and other credit card companies as sporting materials. However, Visa has since announced its decision to specifically tag guns as firearm purchases, even creating a distinct code to do this.

Democrats, of course, are still running with the narrative that this is about saving lives and keeping the public safe. Gun control supporters argue this new step from Visa could potentially prevent future mass shootings.

Visa’s choice to regroup gun purchases comes after the New York governor and other top Democrats demanded credit card companies to join the gun control fight.

Americans should also be aware that Visa is not an outlier in this decision. Both American Express and MasterCard have announced their own decisions to make sure the purchases of firearms and related goods stand out.

Not Looking Good
In reaction to Visa’s decision, conservatives have warned this is yet another way that big government is going after everyday people. Others warn this decision is essentially stigmatizing lawful gun owners.

While the gun control movement claims this is all about preventing mass shootings, there’s a lack of concrete evidence to back that claim up. Nevertheless, social media sites are full of leftists cheering on this change and saying it’s long overdue.

Given this move by major credit card companies, there’s no telling what else the gun control movement will push for next.