Waiting For The Return Of Donald Trump’s Golden Era

Donald Trump is a guy born to oppose the Democratic Party’s progressive march toward authoritarian rule in the United States. Consider that Trump was a successful member of New York’s Manhattan Island. It isn’t easy to make a living as a skyscraper builder in New York City.

Boss Tweed’s work ethic has never left the city of New York. Unions select who gets to play in New York and whether or not they’ll have a hard time succeeding. If they understand Trump’s success in the muddy underbelly of New York politics, it’s because he’s figured out how to get things done.

Trump’s success in reopening the Central Park Wollman ice-skating rink demonstrates why he is uniquely qualified to run for president in 2024. Democrats wasted six years and $13 million on a failed attempt to restore a Central Park winter wonderland that countless New Yorkers have enjoyed for decades. Trump completed the job in four months and a quarter of the original budget of $3 million. Trump made his campaign pledges during the Republican primaries in 2015, and he kept them all.

Moreover, the Deep State is already fighting to keep Trump out of the election in 2024. And, in heroic form, Trump has been uniquely pushed, schooled, and succeeded in the furnace of New York real estate development to run for president in 2020. The roadblocks to Trump Tower’s development were a warm-up for the general election in 2024.

The loss of Twitter and Facebook has been avoided because Donald Trump created his own social media channels, led by Devin Nunes. He has selected vulnerable Republicans who will be primarily punished for voting to impeach him in a classic Trump manner. He has triumphed where the mainstream media thrashed McCain and Mitt Romney, who despised him for refusing to surrender like the failures he has labeled them.

Many people can’t wait for the midterm elections in 2022 when RINOs are voted out, and for the election in 2024, when they will watch the election with eager expectation, vigilance, and the voter scrutiny that our Constitution guarantees. Democrats in general, and Obama in particular, pushed Trump to run, and they’ve cultivated a Trump character that will withstand the left’s attacks. Their demeanor is what shaped the Trump they know and love. They’re one with him, and he’s one with them.