Wall Street Moving On Leftist Authoritarian Tyranny Power Grab

Remember when liberals, progressives, and leftists protested corporate greed with the Occupy Wall Street riots? Oh, those were the good ole days. 

It appears that the radicals have gotten cozy with Wall Street lately. These corporate titans know the score and seem to be implementing a strategy to harass governments to comply with the agenda of Obama’s Democrat Party Machine, The Squad, and AOC. 

Wall Street harassing the American people may not register on the liberal media’s radar regarding dictatorial actions. But this persecution and tormenting of American citizens by business and industry is the very definition of a despotic regime. When your government can get private companies to do their bidding and clamp down the population, there are few rights that they will not trample. 

Recent reports show that hedge funds and investment banks are the greatest purchasers of America’s state and city bonds. It is a form of debt servicing that most municipal governments use.

This $4 trillion market for municipal securities provides stable portfolios for investors looking for tax-exempt payouts and low-risk capital preservation strategies. 

If you’d like a vivid crash course on the power of an investor to tank a city, check out the Showtime series Billions. In this hyped-up show about an activist investor Bobby Axelrod played brilliantly by Damian Lewis, the illegitimate power of investors is highlighted. As a ruthless hedge fund manager and founder of Axe Capital, he will do whatever it takes to win. 

In Season 4, Axe buys up distressed debt cities that are bankrupt or nearly bankrupt and sells debt at a steep discount. In the show, a small town called Sandicot, NY, had sold bonds well below market rates to Axe. Politicians developed a conspiracy to build a casino and make it rich, but the license fell through. It forced Axe to consider liquidating the city’s assets to recover a portion of his failed scheme. 

Now, how have real investors used their power? Many firms are beginning to pose inquiries to cities about race in the form of diversity, inclusion, and equity statements. Five venture capital monsters, BlackRock Inc., Goldman Sachs Asset Management, Lord, Abbett and Co., Morgan Stanley Investment Management, and Vanguard Group Inc., have taken an interest in determining the racial quotas and social justice outcomes of cities where they hold debt. 

Two minority-owned financiers, Loop Capital Markets and Siebert Williams Shank and Co., are guiding these efforts as part of a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Social Justice Warrior (SJW) goals and strategy. 

A survey will be administered to employees of cities where bonds are considered, requiring information about policing strategies, battling race-based outcomes, disparate impact, the labor force, and other racial-tinged topics. If an insufficient number of individuals of specific races, identities and orientations, and political persuasions are not reported correctly, negative consequences will presumably follow. 

Some investment shops are couching their works regarding the pandemic, climate change, cultural revolt, the election, and the CRT and BLM movements. 

Lord Abbett oversees about $36 billion. BlackRock has $165 billion and has reportedly been buying up suburban homes and turning them into rentals. 

Do you think there is a reason to be concerned when landlords in Wall Street can bankrupt your hometown?