WaPo Tells The ‘Truth’ On Masks Two Years Too Late

Hey, remember that whole mask thing the mainstream media droned on about and forced on you for two years? According to the Washington Post, it did not make much difference. But we already knew that, didn’t we?

If you took the time to talk to a hospital nurse about their PPE training before the pandemic, you would have discovered that the chance that the public at large was going to be able to use masks successfully was effectively zero (Do not even get me started about masking up the kindergarteners for the entire day). Cloth masks, the facial covering of choice for most people, are now referred to as facial decorations.

The jig is up, as they say. Most Americans now realize that the mask silliness of the last two years was little more than Kabuki theater. If last weekend’s Superbowl is any indication, where almost none of the 75,000 fans were wearing a mask, everyone is ready to move on.

It is not just the masks that are now being downgraded in their effectiveness. Johns Hopkins came out with a study that lockdowns only reduced COVID deaths by .02% (Likely, the number was just pulled out of a hat). We will most certainly pay a high price for our medical community’s response to the pandemic in the years to come.

Alcoholism, suicide attempts, and children’s mental health episodes are way up. Families have been fractured over members’ vaccination status. Trust in our institutions has been crippled. The censorship of early treatments and yesterday’s conspiracy theory turning out to be today’s fact has left people disoriented.

People are looking for an honest broker of information. They are voting with their digital feet if they feel a platform has gone too far. We need to look to Meta, aka Facebook, to read the tea leaves for the future.

For the first time, the platform experienced a decline in users. Gone are the days when tech giants could take their customers for granted. The same holds for newspapers printing retractions disguised as articles. People are waking up, and they do not like what they see. The backtracking on the masks is just the beginning.