Wash Post Poll: Americans Withdrawing Support Of Biden Since June

American’s are slowly losing their faith in President Joe Biden, and it’s showing in the Polls. Amid the Afghanistan crisis and the Delta Variant of Covid-19, the American’s are withdrawing their approval of Biden’s actions, and it’s the first time in decades that a President lost the support of more than half of the people during just the first year of Presidency.

According to The Washington Post ‘ABC News’ latest poll, Biden is now down to 7 points since June. According to the poll, 51% disapprove of Biden’s performance, with only 44% approving it. In June, the ratio was 50% agreeing to only 42% disapproving of his job performance. The drastic 7 point fall of the approval rate is due to the poor handling of the Afghanistan withdrawal.

The majority of the Americans’ support is now sinking, with 60% of the overwhelming majority disapproving of how the Biden Administration handled the withdrawal, with only 30% of the people approving of it. It’s not the withdrawal decision itself that had people disapproving. Even the August 31st deadline was not as much of the deciding factor as handling the whole situation. The swift occupation of the country during withdrawal and how the administration dealt with the entire problem drove the majority to disapprove. Only 26% of the people approved of the decision and its handling, which is far less than the 52% that approved of the decision but disapproved of how it was handled.

The attack at the Kabul airport by ISIS-K is the deciding factor for the majority of the Americans, as 13 US service members were killed. Although a large number of those that disapprove are the independents, the Democrats too have now slumped. The Pandemic is another deciding factor of the approvals from people. The number has also decreased from 62% at the start of Biden’s Administration to only 52%, now supporting how he’s handling the Covid-19 situation.

The rate at which Biden’s approval rating has fallen swiftly in just the first year of his Presidency indicates how competent the 78-year-old President is. The ratio can also impact his re-election in the coming 2024 presidential elections, as many other polls show continuously falling numbers under different categories.