Washington Post: A Savage Story On Vice President Kamala Harris

About this Washington Post article, it’s difficult to tell which is worse for Vice President Kamala Harris: the anonymous former staffers’ criticism of the vice president’s management style or the on-the-record defense of the vice president’s management style by equating Harris to Former President Donald Trump.

Former Harris employee Sean Clegg explained that these things get personal to people. Further, he stated that he had never encountered Kamala where he thought she was mistreating him throughout her long history. Has she referred to bulls? Yes. Is it true that this makes some individuals feel uncomfortable at times? Yes. She would, however, have her television program if she were a guy with her managerial style, which would be named “The Apprentice.”

In addition, staffers who worked for Harris before her appointment as vice president reported that one recurring issue was that Harris would refuse to read briefing materials supplied by staff members, then criticize them when she looked unprepared herself.

A former staff member said that it’s evident that you’re not dealing with someone prepared to put in the effort to train and work. In addition to this, the former staff member also stated that it is necessary to put up with a steady stream of soul-destroying criticism and her lack of self-confidence when working with Kamala. Therefore, in other words, one continually sorts of propping up a bully, and it’s not apparent why.