Watching A Kennedy Struggling With The Kyle Rittenhouse Case Is Funny

The Kennedy enigma has never appealed to me. The feelings against Teddy Kennedy are considerably more damaging. A false neck brace is with him, and Mary Jo Kopechne is slowly drowning in a vehicle stuck in shallow water. His waitress sandwiches come to mind as well. People had to laugh when Teddy’s niece, Maria Shriver, said on Twitter that she didn’t know how to explain to her kid how someone could commit a crime and not be “charged” with anything.

To begin with, the tweet implies that Shriver is attempting to explain life’s mysteries to a young youngster who is still finding his way around the world and striving to create his ideas. He’s probably between the ages of 10 and thirteen. Her eldest son is 28 years old, while her younger son is 24. What a way to instill one of those young guys or men.

Moreover, Maria Shriver sounds like an idiot when she says she’s surprised Kyle Rittenhouse “didn’t get prosecuted for anything.” Second, Shriver has worked as a journalist for decades and served as First Lady of California during her ex-husband, Arnold Schwarzenegger. What truly happened in September 2020 was that the Kenosha District Attorney charged Kyle in a flash. That’s why he spent three weeks in court, watching the claims against him fall apart.

Third, how much ignorance is required for someone to commit a crime without being charged? Teddy Kennedy’s automobile veered off a bridge and landed upside down in shallow water due to his irresponsible driving. He was never prosecuted. Instead, he was dubbed “The Senate’s Lion.”

William Kennedy Smith, Maria Shriver’s first cousin, was acquitted of physical abuse in 1991. After a widely publicized trial, he was acquitted. And it wasn’t the Kennedy family’s only legal gaffe. Here’s how she should have told her adult sons about it.