What If Joe Manchin Became A Republican?

Current Democrat Senator Joe Manchin (WV) has had his differences with Democrat Senator Bernie Sanders (VT) and the rest of his party. 

He has been ridiculed by the liberal media, who was more than happy to praise him when he got elected. He’s been blocked and ignored by the Democrats, who have proven time and time again that moderates are just a smokescreen for their Big Government agenda. But he could have his revenge severed cold and make Republican Senator Mitch “The Turtle” McConnell’s day. 

According to the Left-wing rag Mother Jones, Manchin told staffers he’s thinking about doing the right thing and ditching the Democratic Party. He has denied it, but that may be the right tactical move. He likely develops his escape and may execute it if Democrats do not respect him and listen to his legitimate concerns. Good luck, Joe. But let’s be honest, you already have one foot out the door. It’s time to leave. 

Remember Arlen Specter, a Democrat turned Republican turned Democrat. He was elected in 1980 and served as senator from Pennsylvania for 30 years before flipping the Senate in 2009 as his last-ditch dig against the party that supported him. It would be ironic if Joe Manchin did the same to the Democrats. Turnabout is fair play, and Manchin is more conservative than Republican Senators Lisa Murkowski (AK) or Susan Collins (ME). 

Sanders called out Manchin in a commentary to contradict the Biden-Harris maladministration’s proposed $3.5 trillion Breaking Bad Better plan. Bernie made the case to West Virginians that dishing out trillions of dollars we don’t have is a good idea. He explicitly put heat on Manchin, who is thinking for himself and resistant to tanking our economy.

Sanders noted the political reality that in a 50-50 Senate, we need each Democrat to toe the line and vote in lockstep with the Dear Leader Democrat Chuck “You” Schumer on the budget. 

Manchin hit back. He wrote that a self-proclaimed Independent communist would not get him to change his position. Joe sounds more and more like our kind of leader, talking smack to socialists. Maybe he’s got some Cold Warrior left in him. 

Telling West Virginians what is best for them does not go well in the Mountain State, which slowly tilted red in recent elections. Sanders has no relationship to West Virginia.

Joe notes that many jobs remain open, supply chains are stressed, and employees have not received well-deserved wage increases. As the cost of gas and essential foods keeps on climbing, Joe is defending the blue-collar workers who skewed Republican in the era of Trump. 

Sanders’ answer is to toss more cash on a generally overheated economy, creating a dumpster fire. Manchin recommended that Congress ought to tread carefully. Extra spending and crazy extensions of government programs are off the table. Mitch McConnell’s dream situation is that if Manchin flips, he can regain the Majority Leadership after months of watching the Democrats flounder about and push through several Republican agenda items. Unfortunately for Republicans, the Turtle has proven that he is more than capable of suckling at government supplies himself.