When Military Leaders Can’t Recognize Our Troops, It Might Be A Problem

For a long time, Americans have criticized Joe Biden for his failures in Afghanistan. However, there are other instances of loss, including military authorities’ unwillingness to confront Biden and warn him that his actions were jeopardizing the mission and putting Americans in danger. However, someone with a basic understanding of military strategy should know that you don’t close your reinforced airbase and withdraw your troops before you evacuate the Americans and Afghan allies that you need to get out of the country as quickly as possible.

Moreover, General Milley may have spent too much time attempting to determine the nature of the white anger and not nearly enough time performing simple techniques. They had months to ascertain this. Whereas the people on the ground performed admirably, the commanders/leaders did not.

Meanwhile, a tweet from Lt. General Maria Gervais was cited as an example of the leaders’ failure to grasp the situation. She was recently elevated to the U.S Army Training and Doctrine Command as the first woman to serve as the deputy commanding general and chief of staff, which she has held since June of this year. As a result, one could assume that she would know the military, especially given her role. However, this tweet, which she later deleted, didn’t tell nearly as much.

Her desire to honor the military is commendable. She should, however, be able to tell whether they are American troops or not. It is a fact. It was a British army.

Embarrassingly, the Brits had to Twitter her and explained themselves. The primary concern here is that why can’t someone in her position tell which troops are from America? Why couldn’t she recognize the camouflage and weaponry that would have provided her with visual cues?

Furthermore, if you find yourself in that position, know how to spell “heroes.”