Where Are All The Americans Returning Home From Afghanistan?

There’s no doubt in the fact that Biden and his team of military, intelligence, and diplomatic advisors oversaw the Afghanistan crisis beforehand but did not act wisely. Even after the catastrophic loss of the US during the withdrawal process, followed by the Taliban occupation of the country, Biden claimed that the American citizens and allies were being evacuated from the country, with 5000 flown out of the country each day. But the real question is, where are those citizens who were airlifted out?

The claimed 5000 per day evacuation of the US citizens turned out to be 1400 in three days. Towards the deadline, 10,000 US citizens remain on the grounds, awaiting evacuation, but Biden dares to flaunt the rescue mission saying the military has carried out a historical evacuation. Surprisingly enough, there is no sign of the rescued family anywhere on the media platforms. What about the family appearances on talk shows and newspapers? What about their stories and happiness shared on social media or Ellen and Oprah inviting them to their shows. Not even a single picture of Biden with the refugees in the Rose Garden has been seen.

We know Biden would love playing the hero and would love to take a picture with the rescued, show the nation what a great job he has done, and possibly hope for added approval percentage for doing something easily preventable. But at this point, there are some serious doubts regarding Biden’s claims of historical evacuation. According to the White House Spokesperson, many stranded citizens in Afghanistan are still unknown despite many being on their payroll.

What’s more intriguing is that when you search on the google search bar about Americans returning from and wait for the autocomplete to suggest Afghanistan, it offers Canada or Europe. Even if you add Afghanistan, the only information that comes on top is the resettlement plan for the refugees and the evacuees. It seems that the Government has left the matter in the hands of the private or the military groups to handle while they are occupied promoting fake narratives themselves.