White House Chief Of Staff Spins Negative Polling

On Sunday, the White House chief of staff Ron Klain tried his best to positively turn around the new poll which revealed how unpopular Biden and his policies are among Americans. However, his attempts to spin the results fell flat.

The latest CBS News and YouGov poll showed that most Americans were not happy with the Biden administration or their policies. Only 44% of the correspondents believe that Biden was doing a good job, while 56% disapproved of his performance.

Around 74% of the total correspondents accepted that things are really going badly in America, with around 70% agreeing that the economy is in shambles and that they do not have any hopes for economic recovery in the next coming months.

Around 65% of the correspondents believed that Biden did not have his priorities sorted out, being slow to react to the issues that mattered.

Klain tried to positively spin the narrative by saying the polls depicted that Biden was actually performing well. He claimed that it showed people had strong faith in Biden regarding the two most significant problems, which are COVID-19 and employment.

Although only 53% of correspondents believed that Biden handled COVID-19 well, it still isn’t enough to be categorized as “solid public confidence”, which Klain claimed.

It was also noted that only a small majority of around 52% believed that their local job market had good prospects in the coming months.

Many people did not agree with what Klain was claiming and took to social media to show their dismay.

Former director of the U.S. national intelligence, Richard Grenell, stated that Biden actually inherited low gasoline prices, an abundant supply of baby formula and a Ukraine without war.

Rep. Buddy Carter (R-GA) tweeted that Klain’s remark about the poll shows that the Biden administration is completely out of touch with the problems of hard-working Americans.