White House Czar Wants Big Tech to Stifle Dissent on Climate Change

White House National Climate Advisor Gina McCarthy urged the Big Tech platforms to censor content that runs against the prevailing climate change narrative in an interview this week.

McCarthy blamed oil companies for funding the dissenting content, which she claims, is creating opposition to much-needed environmental legislation. Although she did not provide any specific evidence about information campaigns run by big oil, McCarthy did claim that ‘dark money’ was behind it.

The Big Tech platforms, such as Google and YouTube, already de-monetize content that they view as running afoul of accepted science. Very little guidance has been provided by the platforms as to how those decisions are made. Content creators are left in the dark as to what is acceptable and what is not, only knowing they have crossed a line when their content gets de-monetized.

The statements by McCarthy, as well as Big Tech, raise the question: who decides what content gets censored? A core tenant of the scientific method is to challenge existing dogma. Censoring dissent removes a critical component to discovering the truth.

The Biden administration is moving forward on the assumption that fossil fuels are not only the prime reason for climate change, but something we must reduce consumption of, no matter what the collateral costs may be.

President Biden canceled the Keystone Pipeline on his first day of office and voided leases for new oil exploration in Alaska and the Gulf of Mexico. These moves, which may be good for the environment, and this is an arguable point no matter what McCarthy says, have been a factor in the catastrophic rise in energy prices for everyday Americans.

McCarthy has supported President Biden by saying that the administration is committed to not expanding drilling and that the pain of the current situation will force a transition to cleaner energy. This utopian view ignores the reality that technology is not in place to be an alternative to fossil fuels completely.

If you disagree with this view, the administration wants you silenced, and it wants Big Tech’s help to do it.