White House Explores Closing Down Ammunition Plant

The White House is exploring shutting down the Lake City ammunition factory, which some argue is a move being made in bad faith by the administration.

In a statement to the Federalist, Mark Oliva, a spokesperson for the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), revealed that the government had informed Winchester that it was exploring restricting production at the plant. Shuttering the plant, or downgrading production, would have an immediate impact on up to 500 jobs.

The factory is run by the government to provide ammunition to the army and contracts with Winchester to run the factory. The company also produces 855/SS109 5.56 ammo, which is one of the most popular choices for private gun owners on the AR-15 platform. Winchester is allowed to sell excess ammo produced directly to the public and is responsible for approximately 30% of the market.

The move is consistent with the Biden administration attacking gun rights through the administrative state. On top of this most recent action, the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) is either revoking or not renewing gun dealers’ licenses at an increased rate of 500%.

Biden using his role as commander-in-chief to further his domestic policy agenda on gun control, as well as the weaponization of the bureaucracy against the gun industry, is a backdoor method of gun control without having to worry about his policies surviving a constitutional challenge.

Although the Democrats and 10 Republicans are engaged in negotiations for bi-partisan gun control in the Senate, John Cornyn (R-TX) has walked out of the negotiations. Some of his Texas constituents were not happy with him at a subsequent appearance in his home state, as he was reportedly booed by many in attendance. If he withdraws his participation in the gun control talks, the Biden administration will be left with indirect action — like closing the Lake City ammunition factory.