White House Makes Massive Gaffe During Infrastructure Bill Signing Ceremony

Amid massive polls showing low approval ratings, the Biden administration has been desperate for anything that even remotely resembles a win for them. It is why they chose to hold a bill signing ceremony for Biden’s $1.2 trillion infrastructure package on Monday.

The country needs to remember hardly any portion of this bill deals with fundamental infrastructures, such as highways, bridges, roads, etc. Despite the White House talking about how much bold change this legislation will effectuate, at the end of the day, most of it comprises costly spending that will further hurt the nation’s economic standing.

One of the White House officials to sing the praises of this legislation was none other than Vice President Kamala Harris. However, as American Thinker points out, the White House seems to have forgotten who Harris is.

On Monday, Harris appeared before the podium outside the White House to speak about the infrastructure package. However, before the vice president could begin, an announcer called for the audience to pay a warm welcome to “Heather Kurtenbach.”

It led to a pregnant pause before Harris stated, “in a moment,” followed by her signature cackle. Shortly after that, the vice president went on to speak about the $1.2 infrastructure bill, how great she thinks it is, and how much better she thinks America is with Joe Biden as president.

Later, Harris and Biden were seen hugging one another and leaving the event with their arms interlocked. The White House’s “Heather Kurtenbach” slip followed after reports that Harris has been having a tough time in the White House.

Aides to the vice president feel the Biden administration is throwing her to the wolves and scapegoating her for their failures. Moreover, there are reports that Biden’s administration worried about future disloyalty from Harris, especially as the country’s forthcoming elections approach.

Over this week alone, there are claims Biden has certain congressional members review what measures are necessary to confirm a new vice president. Now, the White House has done its best to quell public rumors of animosity between Harris and the Biden administration. Yet, there is very clearly something happening behind the scenes.
Since the inception of Biden’s presidency, there have been questions about whether or not he will make it. Now, Americans wonder how Harris will fare, seeing as the White House seems to be progressively turning against her.