White House Reporters Complain About Getting Kicked Out

When British Prime Minister Boris Johnson attended a white house press conference with anti-president Joe Biden, he answered three questions. Then the Biden press office and White House communication staff cut him off mid-sentence. They started yelling at the press to evacuate the room like it was on fire. 

Earlier this week, Johnson was visibly amused when Joe Biden could not remember the name of the Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison. Biden’s cognitive decline is on display for the whole world to see. And while world leaders like Johnson can play this off internally, he and the UK government must be making contingency plans for instability in the US. 

The United States’ decision-making protocols are compromised, essentially run through dementia riddled and corrupt cronies who will rubber-stamp whatever the Democrat leadership and Obama-era handlers put in front of him. 

China and our international enemies have also taken note. And the media cannot hide this fact from the American people. Many of the Democrat voters and party bosses are complicit in this charade. 

But now, even the media are being shoved aside when needed. Journalists are supposed to cover for anything that suits the administration of clowns. During the presser, Joe appeared to fall asleep before the team pulled the plug nearly. 

Members of the media such as CBS’s Ed O’Keefe have resorted to making up quotes out of whole cloth. In a tweet, he stated that Biden said in response to his question about the southern border crisis, “Violence is not justified.” 

Really? No one else heard him say that. But maybe this is a standard operating procedure for the liberal media. Either the Democrat media write Biden’s talking points before he reads them or after an event. It does not matter to them. 

Now the White House press pool is incensed. They even walked into White House Press Secretary Circle Back Jen Psaki’s office to speak with one of the many people who are presumably in charge. They were offended by their treatment. As American journalists, they expect to be respected. Of course, Psaki used her usual delay tactic, stating that she was uninformed and could not offer comments at this time. 

The Biden Administration has become a room of three-year-old children pointing at each other and shifting blame. Psaki insisted that the Democrat media maintain the pretense by asserting that Biden takes questions a few times each week. She treats the correspondents as lackeys and stenographers for their shared political agenda. Biden operators do not fear repercussions from the press because they are in on the game. 

At least President Donald Trump had the energy and wit of a man half his age. And he continually addressed press questions even as he was dogging their attacks on his way to the helicopter. With President Trump and the press, the game was on. 

With Biden, the jig is up, the media and the Democrats have been thoroughly exposed as a sham organization faking their way through PR manufactured events. All the while, the real sausage-making is taking place in five-star restaurants that were once smoke-filled rooms. 

Joe Biden is essentially working part-time as president while he is retired and vacationing at the Delaware seashore. Severe catastrophes are exploding around him, and he is clueless and incapable of a coherent response. Staffers and consultants are implementing people’s political agenda behind the scenes. However, this leads to many contradictions and the inability of anyone to articulate a sound message.

You have been warned this will not end well.