Who Cares That Antony Blinken Calls Stacking Courts A Bad Idea?

Do you trust Antony Blinken at all?

We live in an era where nothing that is said by these maladministration pretenders matters. If a member of anti-President Joe Biden’s cabinet like Secretary of State Antony Blinken tells you he thinks the sky is blue, go outside and check. He currently says he thinks that the domination of the US Supreme Court goes against the American people. That is precisely why the Democrats will do it. 

We fear that popular elections do not matter anymore, and the people’s will is absent in Washington DC. Blinken supposedly warned his team to back off their plans to stack the court. 

As Secretary of State, he has precisely zero say on this issue. The President of the United States will be forced to go along with the will of the liberals. If they can consolidate power in the House and Senate, they will ram anti-democratic policies like stacking the court and adding states through. 

Senate Republicans filibustered a bill that federalizes aspects of state-run elections to make it easier for Democrats to cheat and steal elections. The Democrats do not want this to continue. 

Blinken offered his views on our nation. He pretends that Biden won in a free and fair election. Then it chastises the idea of chipping away ceaselessly at our Constitutional Republic and popular government. By manipulating the free press, censoring speech, subverting the autonomy of the courts, and compromising political parties, the leftists are doing what Blinken is afraid they will do. 

He entertains his bizarre hypothetical situation, like the host of the Twilight Zone. 

Imagine, if you will, a new President utilizes the levers of majority rule to pass hostile laws. He kills term limits (that do not exist), stacking the courts (which the Democrats plan to do), and terminates administrators (which happens with every administration, but less with liberals who make up much of the deep state). 

Blinken cautions that this pattern is “one of the ways that democracies can come undone.”

Blinken is clueless. Does he think that Donald Trump did any of these things? He did not. Does he believe that Leftists’ devotion to all-out control is going away? 

Does he think that he can talk them out of expanding SCOTUS to 12 justices? Of course not! He is running cover for them to do it.

Democrats intended to destroy the court as it stands. They will not heed Blinken’s warning or Jonathan Turley’s explanation. 

Turley, liberal CNN legal scholar and commentator extraordinaire and Georgetown University law professor, Tweeted:

Here come the clowns.