Why the Left Does Not Want Elon Musk to Buy Twitter

Only the richest man in the world can get some oxygen in a news cycle that has the war in Ukraine, Covid, Inflation, and daily gaffes by the President of the United States. Elon Musk is currently making a play to buy Twitter to try and restore free speech to the platform. There is a universal perception that censorship on Twitter only occurs one way. Namely, conservative voices that disagree with whatever the current narrative that is being pushed by the mainstream media.

Up to this point, no one seemed to mind that billionaire oligarchs control the various social media platforms because they have all towed the party line. Now suddenly, Musk threatens to upend the apple cart and there is a predictable threat to democracy.

It is a sign of the times that a mainstream journalist can make the argument in public that censorship is required for democracy to flourish. But free speech is only tolerated by the left when it supports what the regime wants it to support. In 2017 Joe Scarborough actually said the logical conclusion of this thinking aloud.

Yes, he was talking about Trump, but the quote holds true for anyone that pulls focus away from the accepted narrative. The left understands that its ideas crumble under open debate. They purposefully push ideas that distort reality and what is really happening to everyday Americans. From the faulty police narratives to the transgender debate, they seek to divide us based on a false reality. Open speech exposes the fallacies of these arguments and that is why it must be crushed at all costs.

Musk made an offer to buy Twitter at a premium price, but his offer was rejected by the board. The board amazingly holds almost no shares. That means that their fiscal interests are not in alignment with the shareholders. That is why they can adhere to woke principles instead of sound business goals. The goal has never been about free speech. The goal has always been about power. One thing this episode has done, regardless of if Musk is successful or not, is the mask has been removed from the elites. Their goals are now in the open for everyone to see.