Will Democrats Keep Caring About These Women?

Pro-choice Democrats on the issue of abortion have long challenged conservatives to care about the women who have crisis pregnancies. However, pro-life conservatives care so much about the women and babies in these complicated pregnancies that they adopt at higher rates than the overall population.

Some research suggests that Republicans are not less compassionate than Democrats but that their differing views of the role of government make it more difficult to predict how a Republican’s compassion will inform their policy preferences compared to how a Democrat relates sympathy to public policy.

So what will happen if the states continue to restrict abortion in the United States?

Will it be possible for women’s advocates on the left even to imagine how they might show compassion and offer real, substantial help outside of public policy activism to the women affected by these policy changes, such as Texas and Mississippi?

What if changes in technology, bioethics, and American culture make pro-choice politics less potent as an election-year wedge issue?

Will the left continue to care so much about these women, by all means, give as generously as churches and faith-based charities have to support women in crisis pregnancies and foster adoption in cases where a woman is unable to take the best care of a baby herself?

More of these women than ever might need their help soon.