Will Donald Trump Implement The Newt Gingrich Plan For Congressional Elections?

Former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich, has some ideas about where the nation is headed. He also has suggestions for Republicans based on his work in 1994 and the Contract with America. He believes that he can return Congress to Republican control in 2022 if the GOP is more effective in nationalizing this cycle.

Like the GOP in the 1990s, Gingrich focuses on things that worry all Americans. Republicans are uniquely able to address specific issues with credible solutions. He thinks that there are 16 issues that Americans will prioritize in 2022.

According to surveys, Americans generally support Free Market Capitalism over Big Government Socialism at 59% to 16%, and undecided voters favor it 82% to 18%. Americans firmly oppose undermining the police at an 85% rate. Americans opposed Critical Race Theory, with 91% supporting the Martin Luther King perspective on race in color-blind America. It is the opposite of the anti-racism of Ibrahim X. Kendi and many others, where color awareness and elevation, even segregation, is demanded.

Americans are not in favor of communism. While they rightly are skeptical of some of the abuse of free enterprise and open markets, they still believe in the benefits of capitalism. Even the moderate communist president Joe Biden wants people to think he is a capitalist. When Big Tech companies and oligarchs take over aspects of our daily lives, and government largess and bailouts support certain classes of investors and executives, there are severe problems in our economic system. It is not crony capitalism. Crony socialism is the problem.

Americans support private enterprise. Most see communism as the totalitarian dictatorship form of government control that it is. When the questions are phrased as “free market capitalism” versus “big government communism,” people favor a private enterprise.

Therefore, Republicans should assault the $3.5 trillion Democrat boondoggle by attaching the label government and socialism. Republicans must continue to brand the Democrats as Big Government Socialists.

Gingrich recommends that the GOP pound Washington Democrats with the socialist label to separate them from conservative voters. Many states in the remainder of the country have grassroots Democrats and independent-minded people who will end up rejecting the Democratic Party when confronted with this sell-out. Newt points out that Bill Clinton became the moderate in Arkansas during the 1980s, typical of his chameleon triangulation technique.

Democratic-controlled Congress favors Democrat Senator Bernie Sanders’ (VT) $3.5 trillion Big Government Socialism.

Republicans and the alternative media need to emphasize that being a moderate communist is just running interference for the extremists. Passing these bills will accomplish the goals of socialists. In Senate S6237 and House H4371, Democrats are moving toward tanking the economy in favor of a bloated budget that will increase inflation and strap everyday Americans with more taxes sooner rather than later.

People used to be fooled by moderate Democrats, but this paved the way for Big Government Socialism. The squad and AOC represent the core of the Democrat Party electorate and the most vocal supporters of the progressive agenda.