Will Virginia Elect Terry McAuliffe Relic Of Clinton Era Corruption Again?

Virginia’s governor race may hinge on a school board’s decision to cover up rape. McAuliffe has come out in support of unaccountable public school districts. 

Loudoun County public schools are at the center of a controversy years in the making. The media scoffed when traditional conservatives said that allowing men into the women’s bathroom was a bad idea. They shrieked that it was “transphobic!”

Scott Smith’s daughter was brutally attacked in May 2021 in a Loudoun County school girl’s bathroom. Loudoun County public schools asserted that there had been zero rapes at Stone Scaffold Secondary School during the 2020-2021 school year. It was false. Loudoun County public schools proceeded to cover up this physical assault. 

Loudoun County public schools and the FBI accused Scott Smith of being a domestic terrorist because he stood up in a school board meeting and expressed his disgust and anger at their craven evil. These fools wanted to pass a dubious androgynous policy. Smith’s ninth-grade daughter was purportedly assaulted by a gender fluid student who has a history of physical assault. 

Smith was looking for accountability. His daughter was physically attacked on school property. But he was seized by police at the school board meeting for speaking out. The Loudoun County public schools board and school administrators participated in the cover-up of this crime. Scott Smith yelled, “I don’t care if he’s gay, androgynous, genderless, lesbian. He’s a physical predator!” 

Gender orientation is no excuse or protection for physical stalkers, predators, and abusers. It does not matter. What matters is that a young girl will be scarred for life, and these cowards are doing nothing to address the legal ramifications of this crime. The Catholic Church and the Boy troopers were culpable for allowing predators in their midst. 

In October 2018, three football players at Tuscarora Secondary School were credibly accused of physical abuse. But Loudoun County public schools did not report any physical assaults to the Virginia Board of Education. 

Liberals control the commonwealth legislature and governor’s mansion. They want to water down state laws planned to protect kids from predators. According to the latest five thirty-eight polling, the people of Virginia support Democrats and their criminal friends 48.5% to 45.6% in the McAuliffe-Youngkin race.

In 2020, Liberals in Virginia, helped by the elusive Ralph Northam, passed a law permitting schools to abstain from reporting cases of physical battery. Gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin opposes this infringement on criminal due process, parental rights, and the brutal danger for children it encourages on school property. 

Leftists wanted to water down these obligations in House Bill 257. Democrats ensured that misdemeanors would be exempt from reporting requirements and that “criminal” is replaced with the word “felony” so that only crimes with convictions are reported. The party supposedly believes that all women should be considered, except when your baby girl! 

In the Virginia General Assembly, Republican Todd Gilbert demanded that Democrat Mike Mullen admit that schools would not need to report physical battery if this law passed. He did. The issue of abusing schoolchildren cannot become a legislative issue to be debated like taxes. 

Virginia Republicans have a chance to make their case for leadership. Will the people of “Old Dominion” press forward on their path to self-immolation for the sake of federal contracts? Or will they stand up for their children and the families of their neighbors? We have entered a strange world where voting is wholly disconnected from thoughtful reflection on who these people are. Instead, this commonwealth has an army of Democrat drones who do the bidding of their paymasters. And if that sounds familiar and extreme, welcome to the new America. 

Virginians can do the right thing, vote the bums out, and replace them all with real men and women of integrity if they have a shred of decency left.