Wisconsin Democrat Forgets That Parents Like To “Have A Say” About Their Kids

Wisconsin State Rep. Lee Snodgrass decided to anger pretty much every concerned parent when she suggested that they should homeschool their kids if they wanted to have a say in their children’s education. Someone pointed out to her how unbelievably tone-deaf the tweet was, and she tried to memory-hole it by deleting it. When will people learn that the internet is forever? Here is the deleted tweet in all its glory.

I hesitate to mention that taxes that fund the schools come out of family budgets, but that would be too obvious a point. I will comment on the smarminess of this tweet. There is an air of authority about it that suggests an attitude of “We know what’s best for your kids. Sit down, plebes.” It is the logical conclusion of a collectivist mindset versus people who believe in personal choice over the collective. When it comes to your children, most people will err on the side of making their choices rather than faceless bureaucrats and intellectually challenged politicians.

Subsequently, Rep. Snodgrass tried to gaslight Twitter by claiming that she did not say what she said.

There are not many nuances in telling people that if they want to influence what happens with their children’s education, they must take them out of public school entirely. Unfortunately for Ms. Snodgrass and her ilk, parents are waking up all over the country and not just voting for the school board but running for crucial possessions. Regular moms and dads are getting political as they discover that the schools they went to no longer exist.

It is a nightmare for progressives. Now they must publicly defend their positions to an active electorate instead of doing what they wanted to do previously as parents figuratively slept. Ms. Snodgrass may discover, as Terry McAuliffe did in Virginia, that you ignore concerned parents at your political peril.