With Every New Outrage From The Left, America’s Daily Rebellion Is Gathering Momentum

Earlier last week, Judge Daniel Green of Cole County dealt a blow for liberty and republican government in the Show-Me State. He added, “This case is about whether Missouri’s Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS) rules can eliminate representative government in the formulation of public health statutes.”

He reported that the state’s COVID per capita mortality rate was 0.006 and that the state’s immunization rate was increasing. COVID, according to Judge Green, is an attempt by the left to usurp authority through the consent of the governed and impose its will on the governed. Judge Green’s judgment is a slight but significant step forward in a growing revolt of ordinary Americans against governance by order, which has been driven to a head by bureaucrats and mini-dictators.

The lawsuit seeks to restore the checks and balances that were removed by Governor Gavin Newsom when he declared a state of emergency in response to the new coronavirus COVID-19. The Orange County Board of Education and Children’s Health Defense-California Chapter are among the suit’s plaintiffs. They believe Newsom used tremendous powers, including an unprecedented “stay at home” order that instructed 40 million Californians what they could and couldn’t do for the next 18 months.

A lawsuit filed against California Governor Gavin Newsom has been dismissed by the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit. According to the lawsuit, Newsom admitted that Californians had “effectively halted the spread” of the H1N1 virus in June. That acknowledgment implies that the state of emergency is no longer in effect and must be revoked. President Joe Biden’s vaccination mandates have been challenged in 34 cases, consolidated in one federal court.

According to the complaint, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ mandate on hospitals receiving government funding for patient treatment exceeds its legal authority. It also goes against the Social Security Act’s restriction on healthcare worker hiring and firing procedures. Liberty Counsel has taken the lead in filing a lawsuit on behalf of members of the United States military, civilian federal employees, and tens of thousands of private-sector healthcare professionals.

According to a complaint, the mandate violates the Tenth Amendment by attempting to “command state-employee surveyors to become enforcers of national vaccination policy.” Another lawsuit was filed on behalf of 35 Navy SEALs who want to be excused from the vaccination obligation due to religious beliefs. The Plano, Texas-based public interest law firm First Liberty Institute specializes in religious liberty lawsuits.

The rise of coordinated mass thievery in malls and central retail areas has a similar effect. George Soros and other wealthy Leftist figures have spent hundreds of millions of dollars to install dozens of such prosecutors around the country. Every time one of them releases another murderer, carnal predator, or physical offender, an increasing number of ordinary Americans declare, “Enough!”