“Woke” Culture Wars Being Waged on America

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past two years, you certainly understand that “woke” people are causing serious damage to traditional American values and culture. These Culture War zombies are working overtime to split our nation into competing factions based on race, gender, political affiliation and socioeconomic status. The most alarming aspect of this wretched movement, however, is that it sows these destructive seeds on the fruited plain on purpose and with malice of forethought.

Not only do they attack traditional American values for adults, but they also use Critical Race Theory (CRT) in our school systems to indoctrinate American children rather than educate them. For example, CRT teaches young Black children to feel they are being oppressed by the White kids in the classroom. Imagine the destructive effect such hideous lessons inflict on America’s children. That’s why many kids can’t balance their checkbooks but can recite climate change statistics at will.

We can witness the adverse effects on American society simply by reading newspapers and watching TV. The Federalist explained in a recent article how woke zombies now distort the English language by calling the recent United States Supreme Court (SCOTUS) abortion ruling “forced birth” and “forced motherhood.”

Simply put, the Roe v. Wade ruling says abortion decisions should be pushed down to the states as the Founders intended when they penned the 10th Amendment in the Bill of Rights. This gives the people in each state the electoral power to enact the type of abortion laws they want. Women have the right to vote in all states in all cases, which means the Supreme Court ruling enhances democracy, not detracts from it.

While facts are stubborn things that often elude woke liberals, it now appears that Laws are giving them trouble, too. A Los Angeles School board (where else?) contemplated installing a Planned Parenthood clinic at the John Glenn High School as a direct affront to the court’s verdict. Abortion is already legal in California, so this obviously brazen plan was designed to indoctrinate young adults against national institutions like the Supreme Court. Nothing more, nothing less.

The fact that parents revolted and opposed the scheme does give the rest of America hope. It also provides us with a blueprint for reversing the damage to the United States of America: actively engaging in local affairs and civics.