Woke Democrats Hammered By ‘Internal Backlash’

It’s one thing for your enemies to take you to the woodshed. At least you expect that. But for Democrats in 2022, the thrashing they are getting in their rank and file over the extremism of radical woke politics. With midterm elections looming in November and holding on to the slimmest of majorities, it would be logical to drag the party somewhere towards the middle, at least for appearance’s sake, much as Biden himself ran as a centrist in 2020 before embracing radical socialism the morning after the election.

But who has ever accused Democrats of being logical?

Whether it’s progressive district attorneys marching in lockstep with ivory tower academics or woke school boards more worried about what Lincoln may have said a century and a half ago instead of unmasking students, the wounds the liberal party faces are mainly self-inflicted. Families are the backbone of the electorate, regardless of party affiliation. When one party would rather keep biological males in girls’ bathrooms and on their swim teams than lock up violent criminals and predators, that party is doomed for the dustbin of history.

The Washington Post, never a bastion of logical thought, notes a “growing backlash” in which voters and party strategists with an iota of foresight see far-left wing projects as “too extreme” and “harmful” as the party tries to hang on to its precarious congressional advantage this fall.

Is it surprising that the number of House Democrats not seeking re-election this year is at a 30-year high? When 34 House Republicans bowed out in 2018, the result was a 41-seat loss and a GOP bloodbath in the midterms. With their President wallowing near only 40% approval, Democrats face a grim reality that the electorate will send many more packing in November, especially with roaring inflation and global unrest coupled with increasingly radical stances in the culture wars by their extreme elements.

And who needs opposition when your party members are pulling up yard signs and peeling off bumper stickers in rural America because liberal elites are so out of touch with the working class? Led by the shrill antics of The Squad and their cronies in the legacy media, Democrats are doing a fine job of alienating rural America as they settle into their coastal strongholds and scoff at the rest of the country. The numbers don’t lie from rural Pennsylvania to Tennessee Hill Country and Northern California. The numbers don’t lie. Woke politics are spelling doom for the party of FDR.

Speaking of numbers, the US has over 3,100 counties or their equivalent nationwide. In 2020, Joe Biden carried only 527 and still had the gall to govern as if he’d won a mandate to pour trillions into social engineering programs. No wonder Democrats are nervous.