Writer Tom Nichols Trolls CNN the One Time It Tells the Truth

At the end of a four-day trip in Europe, President Biden gave a speech in Warsaw, Poland. It covered the usual topics American Presidents like to talk about abroad. There was an appeal to stand up for freedom and liberty. As speeches go — for Biden — it was one of his better efforts. Until the very end when he went off script and closed with the following line:

Joe Biden speaks on behalf of the United States. What he says is the official policy of the country. So, when he says that Putin cannot remain in power, it is a direct call for regime change. That is a massive escalation in our position, a position our allies have not signed onto. The mainstream media, and everybody else, immediately ran with it.

The gaffe capped a week of mistakes by the President, including telling American soldiers that they were going to Ukraine. The administration has been walking back Biden’s statements all week. Writer Tom Nichols still took exception for CNN reporting an exact quote.

When the President suggests regime change it immediately becomes a war aim because he is the commander in chief. CNN quoting the President is newsworthy. What is irresponsible is putting Biden out on the world stage where he makes more mistakes than Kamala Harris.

The rest of the world takes what the President says seriously, even if most Americans do not. Tom Nichols is blaming the messenger, instead of blaming the man who wrote, or improvised, the message.

The world is about to enter an unprecedented time of upheaval. From rising inflation, energy shortages and supply chain problems, there will be plenty of challenges on the horizon that will need strong leadership. We do ourselves no favors by covering for our leaders along partisan lines.

It does not matter if you have an “R” or a “D” next to your name if there is no food in the grocery store. Biden’s gaffes are a story, but so is the massive attempt by the media to cover for him. As a country, we need to face reality, both the factors on the ground and what our leaders are doing on our behalf. That requires telling the truth, and this time for once, CNN reported it correctly.