Yelp Attaches Misleading Warning Label On Crisis Pregnancy Centers

Yelp, which for some is the 21st century’s answer to the Yellow Pages, has chosen a side in the abortion wars. The company is flagging crisis pregnancy centers to give “notice” to consumers about what they say are the limitations of services available.

Axios first reported the move, which began on Tuesday. The website and mobile app now have a flag attached to both religious and secular crisis pregnancy centers.

Proponents of the move argue that it clears up “confusion” and “helps” women in need of abortions. They claim the nature of the services is misleading as centers generally counsel women to go through with their pregnancies.

Yelp’s VP of user operations, Noorie Malik, said that it seemed “unjust” that facilities employed “deceptive tactics” to turn women — she referred to them as “pregnant people” — away from abortion “care”.

Malik added that the company will attempt to make it less likely that those looking for “abortion services” will even see Crisis Pregnancy Centers in their search results.

But this argument insults pregnant women as being unable to examine their choices as presented and make up their own minds on what they should do.

The notice to consumers now reads: “This is a Crisis Pregnancy Center. Crisis Pregnancy Centers typically provide limited medical services and may not have licensed medical professionals onsite.”

It was four years ago when Yelp differentiated Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPCs) from abortion clinics. Pregnancy service providers were then reclassified as CPCs.

The company is just the latest in a long list of tech companies that have lined up on the side of steering pregnant women towards abortions after the collapse of Roe v. Wade.

Alphabet, the parent company of Google, was informed by its union last week that its members support removing listings for CPCs from the search engine as “misleading.”

Those who claim to favor “choice” tend to want that choice to always be to abort an unborn child. Whatever lip service they pay to having a woman actually choose what is best for her and her baby, their end goal is almost always the same.