Youngkin Gives Parents A “New Tool” In The Fight For Educating Their Children

Glenn Youngkin was propelled to the Virginia Governor’s office mainly by parents who had their kids in public school coming to the polls in droves. He promised to increase the education budget, remove controversial subjects like Critical Race Theory, and promised to expand Virginia’s woefully inadequate charter school system. These measures and Younkin’s platform that parents should be involved in their children’s education resulted in parents from both sides of the political aisle supporting him.

Indeed, many political pundits pointed to failed candidate Terry McAuliffe’s debate gaffe, where he claimed parents should be able to tell schools what to teach as a turning point in the race. Youngkin made good on some of his promises to parents with a flurry of executive orders on his first day in the office.

The Governor announced an email tipline to bolster these efforts, [email protected], for parents to report if they feel that they are not being heard regarding their children’s schooling and observe divisive school teaching practices, or see any other instances that were negatively impacting their children.

Not surprisingly, left-wing trolls immediately attacked the idea as another tool for parents.

Of course, the email tip line has been inundated with emails with fake claims clogging up the system. From the left, there is an attitude that the school knows better than children’s parents about how education needs to be handled. Indeed, this editorial exemplifies the “I don’t work for you” stance taken by many school boards. The trend continues of trying to deny parents’ choices when it comes to their children’s education.

Seven school boards are suing the Governor for effectively ending the mask mandate, which would give parents control over whether their children had to wear any PPE at school. Despite this fact, we now know that children are at a highly insignificant risk of the harmful effects of COVID. To add to the frustration, teachers begin to see behavior issues and elevated anxiety levels from school children because of the COVID precautions. These school boards seem to be the first generation to transfer the risks from the adults to the children and not give parents any say in the matter.

In any event, Governor Youngkin is determined to make good on his campaign promises to put parents back in charge.