Youngkin To Mask Nazi: “We’re All Making Choices Today”

Newly minted Governor of Virginia, Glenn Youngkin, toured a grocery store recently to draw attention to the rising food costs and his plan to cut the so-called “grocery tax.” He will save the citizens of his state 2.5 percent on food at the market. Instead of focusing on the message, a Northern Virginia Karen heckled him about not wearing masks.

Interestingly, Alexandria, a bastion of blue, does not have a mask mandate in place. The Governor calmly replied, “We’re all making choices today.” Youngkin ran on a platform of respecting individual choice, and his retort was on brand. Karen failed to realize that she was on an island with her disdain as no one jumped in to join her (which they would have done if she had started chanting “Let’s Go, Brandon!”). People are more concerned about rising inflation, impacting every person at the grocery register, regardless of political affiliation.

People like grocery Karen fail to realize that the Governor is fighting for her right to wear a twenty-four-seven mask. Heck, she can wear three masks if she wants. Her personal choice is paramount to the Governor’s platform. That does not mean that she has the right to impose her will and desires on the rest of us. It is what America has been founded on since the beginning.

We are a country built on the dignity of choice above everything else. Our system is designed to place checks and balances to prevent unitary, top-down control. It is messy and creates political disagreement and discord, but there was a measure of respect for dissenting views until recently. The more that fades, the more it will become to bark at each other in public.

So far, Youngkin seems to be the rarest of politicians: One who is making good on his campaign promises. The Karens should be on notice.