Youngkin Winning ‘Fast Tracks’ Bill Banning Mask Mandates In Schools

The Virginia House of Delegates just passed bill SB739 along party lines that would ban mask mandates for school districts in the Commonwealth. Republican members of the house immediately walked the bill personally over to Governor Youngkin’s office, embodying the speed at which legislators hope the bill will take effect.

The Governor will amend the bill to include an emergency clause, so it takes effect immediately instead of the expected July 1st used for new legislation. Because of the new amendment, there is a chance of a procedural challenge. Still, given the political winds regarding mandates, the bill stands an excellent chance of being ratified later this week.

Lt. Governor Winsome Sears showed her support and celebrated her role in the process with a tweet commemorating the moment.

The backlash against the mask mandates in schools grew to a fever pitch this week because of a football game, of all things. This year’s Super Bowl was held in Los Angeles County, where a mask mandate is in place for everyone, including kids in school. Practically no one at the big game complied. The comparison of the images is jarring. The blowback was immediate.

The blue-state leaders who have been intent on keeping the mask mandates going in schools show that it has nothing to do with public health but instead has everything to do with keeping power and control. The hypocrisy has become too much for the liberals to take, which is why a few Democrats have broken ranks on Bill SB739.

Governor DeSantis of Florida described what was happening best when the trend to unmask our children began to gain momentum in the blue states earlier this month.

The left, it has been said, has no shame. One vivacious from the debacle that the mandates have is the hypocrisy of masking our children while the adults are free shows that a few democrats can indeed change from societal pressure. Youngkin is riding that pressure to early legislative wins.