Youngkin Winning In Virginia

Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin has surprised observers during his first few months in office by keeping many of his campaign promises. From unapologetically attacking Critical Race Theory to helping put parents back in charge of decisions for their children, Youngkin wasted no time in making good on his promises.

Another less well-known promise was that he was going to donate his entire salary while in office to organizations and causes that reflect his beliefs. His first quarter donation was to a charity that helps support officers who have experienced traumatic episodes in the line of duty.

Choosing this organization as the first one to receive his salary donation sends a clear message that supporting law enforcement is a high priority for his office.

Glenn Youngkin is just starting his political journey, but so far, his road is a bright one. He has accomplished a great deal already just by giving his voters hope. His fight against the entrenched bureaucracy of his state to bring sanity back to his state also gives hope to voters in other states whose conservative residents hope to also one day break free from the yoke of blue state oppression.