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Republican Nation is your source for news from a patriotic viewpoint. Told in a compelling manner and without any form of bias you’ll find in many mainstream media outlets, Republican Nation is a fact-focused publication providing news for Americans with traditional values.

Through the use of National Spotlights, Republican Nation provides critical updates to busy Americans who want to stay informed. With Republican Views, Republican Nation offers analysis and fact-backed pieces on the news of the day.

Our Mission

Our mission is to inject integrity into traditional American values. If you believe in living a faith-focused life devoted to your family and community, Republican Nation might be for you. Our goal is to create a base of readers who consider themselves Republican Nation strong — that is, emboldened and empowered by a tough community of patriotic Americans and their convictions. Together, we can sift through the noise present in mainstream media and present facts. By creating a community and readership, we aim to strengthen the call for traditional values at the voting booth and in our communities.

What Republican Nation Publishes

Republican Nation publishes content germane to the traditional American voter. If you’re concerned about the erosion of your personal freedoms and rights, Republican Nation is for you. If you’re worried about loose security at the border, the rights of the unborn, and the rights to bear arms and speak and worship freely, you might be part of the Republican Nation Strong readership and movement.

Regular National Spotlights

National Spotlights are Republican Nation’s posts on important views for faithful Americans. We summarize the news of the day to make it easier for our readers to stay informed and Republican Nation strong! We know you’re hard at work caring for your family and participating in your community, possibly in addition to a full-time job. We make it easy and accessible for our readers to get updated news features frequently in National Spotlights.

Up-to-Date Republican Views

Proudly free of any form of bias, Republican Views offers more in-depth analysis about hot-button issues and concerns central to the American voter. As things change in the Republican party and as we adapt to strategize against liberals in Congress and in state elections, Republican Views centers the patriotic viewpoint through fact-backed analysis.

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