We believe strongly in the concept of a Republican Nation. Our National Spotlight highlights national-level news that affects everyday Americans throughout the country. National Spotlight covers major issues such as the limiting of our personal freedoms, First and Second Amendment Rights, and the critical right to life issues.

You’ll also find not-to-miss news about America’s actions around the world and in the global political arena, whether in diplomacy or wartime. We know America is powerful and worthy of traditional values and the preservation of democracy. You’ll find everything you need to know right here.

At Republican Nation, we believe reactions should be strong, clear, informed, and without any form of bias. That’s what you’ll find in our Republican Views. We offer more than pundits and talking heads. Here, you’ll find reliable, truthful, informed pieces on news as it unfolds, as well as overarching issues critical to Americans with traditional values.

If you’re tired of feeling manipulated by news that wants to elicit a reaction, take a minute and think — with the help of Republican Views. As patriots, it’s our duty to stay informed about issues and legislation that could affect our global standing and our individual freedoms and liberties.

Biden Campaign Faces Backlash For Including Poll Showing Trump Leading

The Biden campaign's recent email to supporters, aimed at rallying confidence after a difficult debate performance, has sparked controversy by including a poll that...

Batboy Saves Dodgers’ Star Shohei Ohtani From Head Injury

During a recent game against the Chicago White Sox, Los Angeles Dodgers' star pitcher and batter Shohei Ohtani was narrowly saved from a potentially...

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Republican Nation is a publication and movement devoted to upholding traditional values in journalism. We employ a fact-backed analysis policy before providing recommendations and analysis to our readership. We firmly believe in removing all forms of bias from the media, and focus on news targeted at patriotic Americans on our site.

Here at Republican Nation, you’ll find posts centered on global and national news that affects every American and every small town. You’ll also see posts related to issues of personal freedoms and liberties, such as the freedom to worship as you choose, the right to gun ownership, and the right to life. If you’re concerned with government overspending and overreach as well as border control issues, you’ll find informed coverage of those topics here as well.

What Republican Nation Publishes

Republican Nation publishes content germane to the traditional American voter. If you’re concerned about the erosion of your personal freedoms and rights, Republican Nation is for you. If you’re worried about loose security at the border, the rights of the unborn, and the rights to bear arms and speak and worship freely, you might be part of the Republican Nation Strong readership and movement.

Regular National Spotlights

National Spotlights are Republican Nation’s posts on important views for faithful Americans. We summarize the news of the day to make it easier for our readers to stay informed and Republican Nation strong! We know you’re hard at work caring for your family and participating in your community, possibly in addition to a full-time job. We make it easy and accessible for our readers to get updated news features frequently in National Spotlights.

Up-to-Date Republican Views

Proudly free of any form of bias, Republican Views offers more in-depth analysis about hot-button issues and concerns central to the American voter. As things change in the Republican party and as we adapt to strategize against liberals in Congress and in state elections, Republican Views centers the patriotic viewpoint through fact-backed analysis.