Wonder Woman Makes Hard Left Turn

The comic book industry is changing, and some are growing increasingly outraged by the encroachment. Well-known superhero Wonder Woman has taken a new direction in DC Comics’ latest release, Wonder Woman #8. And it’s raising a lot of eyebrows among those paying attention.

In the new issue, Wonder Woman takes on a bad guy called “The Sovereign” who looks and acts a lot like former U.S. President Donald Trump. He’s got a “lasso of lies” and he’s against mass Amazonian immigration.

The villain here is essentially the amalgamate of the left’s mischaracterizations of a certain former, and potentially future, Republican president.

There’s also a part where Wonder Woman comforts a sick kid who’s struggling with gender identity. The child is worried about not liking the same things as other boys, but Wonder Woman reassures them, saying, “There is nothing wrong with you.”

Later on, The Sovereign captures Wonder Woman and starts quoting the Old Testament, talking about how wives should submit to their husbands. In response, Wonder Woman chillingly says, “I…I do not…believe you. I…do not…I do not believe in your…your…God.”

This kind of stuff isn’t just happening to Wonder Woman, either. A lot of the big-name heroes in the Marvel and DC worlds are being changed to fit in with LGBT and progressive ideas. Superman’s son and Batman’s sidekick Robin are just a couple of examples.

Some people are arguing that instead of making new, diverse characters, comic book creators are just changing the ones we already know and love to make them more “woke.” And it seems to be affecting sales, too. Marvel and DC used to dominate the graphic novel market, but now they’re struggling to even get a title in the top 20.

On the other hand, Japanese comics, which don’t focus as much on social justice and diversity, are getting more and more popular. It looks like as American comics keep putting political messages over good storytelling, a lot of fans are losing interest, and that’s showing up in the sales numbers and the industry as a whole.