Immigrants Thank Biden For Release From Overwhelmed Processing Center

After President Joe Biden ordered the release of almost 2,000 illegal immigrants from a processing center that has long exceeded its capacity, the migrants sent him a resounding “thank you” message.

The illegal United States residents reportedly called out, “thank you, America” and “thank you, American president” as they were transported from a crowded processing center across the border by the federal Customs and Border Patrol (CBP). They were being moved from a center in San Diego, California that was filled to more than 200% capacity.

Almost 2,000 illegals were taken into the country from the one facility, following reports that it had reached 245% capacity, which is generally accommodating for 750 migrants. Through bus services, illegal aliens are being taken into the United States after coming in from a number of countries like China, Colombia, Egypt, India, Jordan and Mauritania.

In San Diego alone, over 125,000 migrants have been released since Sept. 2023. This came as a result of the city’s shelter only holding immigrants for a maximum of 72 hours and is worsened by the surge of migrants coming into America via the southern border it shares with Mexico.

The city was swarmed in the fall as bus-loads of immigrants were dumped on its streets, leaving nonprofit volunteers to help facilitate the continued journeys of the migrants. One coordinator told a local news reporter at the time that the migrants being dropped off had already obtained court documents needed to travel into the United States.

However, the massive number of immigrants has left CBP scrambling to keep up with the flow of people. The agency is subsequently unable to conduct thorough screening processes with each individual prior to them being allowed to enter the country with court dates to determine their status.

Newly released data from CBP shows the staggering number of immigrants that have been transported to the country via plane, thanks to Biden and the notorious “open border” policies of his administration. According to the numbers, the administration has facilitated the flights of 4040,000 illegals into the United States under the Humanitarian Parole Program for Cubans, Haitians, Nicaraguans and Venezuelans.

The policy allows illegal aliens to work in the United States for two years on humanitarian parole. The migrants who come into the country courtesy of this act are not included in the data that comes from those traveling through the southern border.