Conservative Leaders Blast Bank Of America Over Political Discrimination

Conservative leaders and state financial officers are sounding the alarm about a growing trend of banks allegedly discriminating against conservatives based on their political views. The practice known as “de-banking” has affected numerous individuals and organizations across the country with some losing access to financial services without warning or explanation.

In a recent letter to Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan 15 state financial officers from 13 states accused the banking giant of having a “troubling track record of politicized de-banking.” The letter cited specific examples of the bank discriminating against religious ministries such as Indigenous Advance Ministries the Timothy Two Project and Christian author and speaker Lance Wallnau.

“We are especially troubled by Bank of America’s track record of discriminating against religious ministries,” the letter stated. “Bank of America’s de-banking policies and practices threaten the company’s financial health its reputation with customers our nation’s economy and the civil liberties of everyday Americans.”

The issue of “de-banking” has also affected prominent conservative figures such as MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell whose accounts were closed by Minnesota Bank without warning causing serious harm to his business. Lindell’s online merchant server also closed his accounts for a charity he runs to help recovering addicts.

The owner of the popular X account “Catturd” and his podcast co-host Jewels Jones also had their bank account for their podcast closed by Bank of America with no explanation.

Daily Wire host Ben Shapiro previously called out Chase Bank for similar actions taken against the Proud Boys arguing that “we are in real trouble as a country if banks are going to start rejecting your ability to do business based on political disagreement.”

On the “Timcast IRL” podcast Tim Pool and his co-hosts discussed the issue of “de-banking” conservatives noting that major banks seem to have no problem serving customers like Jeffrey Epstein even after he was outed as a child trafficker but take issue with those who hold conservative views.

As the practice of “de-banking” becomes more widespread conservative leaders are calling for action to protect the First Amendment rights of those affected. It remains to be seen whether any substantial legislative changes will be made to address the issue but many argue that it is a matter of urgency to prevent further discrimination based on political beliefs.