Texas Attacks Tucker Carlson For His Stance On Israel-Hamas War

Anti-Trump U.S. Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) was put on the attack against former Fox News host Tucker Carlson, lashing out on his X platform after Carlson conducted an interview with a controversial Christian pastor from the West Bank. The comments, which have been made controversial, came when the conversation turned to the ongoing conflict in Gaza and the impact the war has had on Christians in the region.

During the interview, Carlson blasted the nation of Israel, criticizing the military tactics that have led to the deaths of over 30,000 Palestinian civilians.

Carlson’s comments took aim the “Christian right” for supporting something that they “know is wrong,” continuing, “If your Christian faith requires you to support a foreign government blowing up churches and killing Christians, I think you’ve lost the thread.”

Ex-Fox News host brutally attacks Tucker Carlson: ‘unabashed hatred of Jews’ – ‘siding with terrorists’

Former Fox News host Leland Vittert joined in the attack on Carlson during his show on NewsNation, indirectly addressing Carlson, saying, “Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi propaganda chief, would be proud,” adding, “Tucker’s a smart guy. Yet he’s taking the side of terrorists. There’s no other explanation than his unabashed hatred of Jews.”

“Tucker’s MO is simple: defend America’s enemies and attack America’s allies,” wrote Crenshaw. “There isn’t an objective bone left in that washed-up news host’s body. Mindless contrarianism is his guiding principle, buttressed by his childish tactic to ‘juSt aSK quEsTiOns!’” Crenshaw stated on his X platform. Carlson’s controversial views have been no secret to the public with his X platform maintaining over 12 million followers, which Carlson uses to “sow doubt and paranoia and false narratives,” according to Crenshaw.

The lawmaker further predicted Carlson’s political future, stating that he believes Carlson will “eventually fade into nothingness because his veneer of faux intellectualism is quickly falling apart and revealing who he truly is: a cowardly, know-nothing elitist who is full of it.”