Kevin O’Leary: Trump’s Civil Fraud Penalty ‘Attack On America’

“Shark Tank” star and prominent businessman Kevin O’Leary blasted the Democratic prosecution of former President Donald Trump on Tuesday. On Fox News’ “Outnumbered,” he warned of dire consequences from the outlandish $464 million judgment against the 45th president.

O’Leary called the civil fraud award nothing less than “an attack on America.”

He said observers should remove the 2024 Republican frontrunner from the equation and focus instead on the award’s wider implications. These actions directly counteract the nation’s rule of law, due process protections and property rights.

The country, O’Leary noted, draws investment capital from across the globe due to these strengths.

But now Trump was given a scant 30 days to acquire a bond the size of which has never been issued. O’Leary said that “no insurance bond company has ever issued anything near this.”

That figure and timetable meant that there was “no chance it was going to happen.” Without question Trump’s Democratic persecutors will move to seize his New York City property, which O’Leary said sends “a really bad message.”

Trump also protested the unprecedented decision on his Truth Social platform. The former president said that “Judge Engoron actually wants me to put up Hundreds of Millions of Dollars for the Right to Appeal his ridiculous decision.”

The 2024 Republican frontrunner explained that he would be forced to sell or mortgage valuable assets. Due to the ridiculous time constraint, Trump would almost certainly have to settle for bargain basement prices.

Further, he said that “if and when I win the appeal, they would be gone.” He called the court action nothing less than a “witch hunt” and “election interference.”

O’Leary explained the sheer impossibility of Trump securing such an insurance bond. “There are no half-a-billion dollar bonds. Never been done before. Never. This law has never been applied.”

He said that he and fellow investors are watching the scenario in New York closely. “No one is going to put any money to work in New York in these amounts until this thing settles down. The whole world is watching and everybody’s waiting for one thing we haven’t gotten yet.”

That, he said, is adult supervision. That will certainly not come from the New York attorney general’s office.