Reality Television Show Star Fired Over Conservative Beliefs

The star of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (RHOBH) reality television show, Annemarie Wiley, was recently fired for reportedly expressing her conservative beliefs on the show.

Wiley recently announced her departure from the reality show, arguing that viewers could not see “the real” her. The actress also said that leaving the show was not her decision and did not explain why.

The Daily Mail reported that a source close to Wiley disclosed that “a cast member having polarizing views and the ladies taking her to task would have been part of a juicy storyline on any Real Housewives franchise, but after politics railroaded season 13 of the New York cast, producers just edited all of those segments out of the Beverly Hills season.”

The outlet’s report continued by saying that the producers of RHOBH allegedly cut political scenes from the reality show, barring viewers from understanding why Wiley’s appearances on the show were abruptly removed.

Wiley, alongside her 41-year-old co-star, Kung-Minkoff, “were at odds all season over Annemarie misrepresenting she was a doctor, but Annemarie’s politics really disgusted Crystal even more.”

“The Chinese-American openly struggled to understand why a woman of color would be aligned with Trump, who has made racist comments about various nationalities and colors,” the outlet wrote.

“One of the few things Annemarie didn’t lie about during the taping of the show was her political beliefs,” a source told the Daily Mail. “She was open and proud to be Team MAGA and a staunch Donald Trump supporter.”

Wiley also faced backlash after her husband, Marcellus Wiley, made a controversial post on social media dealing with so-called “transgender” individuals.

“I have no issue with transgenders, but I do have an issue with athletes who are transgender women trying to compete against biological women. Not against the Wiley Women!” the post read. “Why can’t the dudes who transition to women actually empower women by competing against men?”

The source said Wiley was “hyper-defensive” when defending her husband’s controversial views on social media regarding politics and “transgender” athletes, adding that the actress’ actions “was the biggest turnoff to the ladies.”