Biden Lounges On Beach, Refuses To Comment On Deadly Maui Wildfire

President Joe Biden is facing backlash for taking a beach vacation and refusing to comment on the deadly wildfire in Maui that has claimed at least 96 lives thus far.

While most would expect the president of the United States to visit the site of a disaster to view the damage and coordinate relief efforts, Biden decided to instead take a beach vacation in his home state of Delaware over the weekend.

Biden was questioned by reporters at the beach, who asked him about the disaster — which has been declared the deadliest wildfire in the U.S. in the last 100 years, leaving at least 96 people dead and causing an estimated $6 billion in damage to the historic town of Lahaina. Over 1,000 people are still unaccounted for as of the time of this reporting.

In response to questions about the wildfire, as he was leaving the beach, Biden reportedly said: “No comment.”

Critics took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to condemn Biden for his failure to respond to the tragedy.

“Biden doesn’t give a sh*t about Americans,” wrote the popular account End Wokeness, who went on to list various disasters and tragedies where the president refused to visit the area in the aftermath — including the mass shooting at a Christian elementary school in Nashville committed by a transgender shooter, the Waukesha Christmas parade massacre committed by a Black nationalist, the train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio, and now the Maui wildfire.

“He only cares about tragedies that he is able to use to take away your rights or demonize his political opponents,” End Wokeness’ tweet continued.

“President Trump’s response to Hurricane Harvey VS. Joe Biden’s response to hundreds dead as a result of the Maui wildfires tells you EVERYTHING,” tweeted conservative commentator Benny Johnson, sharing a video of Trump touring Texas in the aftermath of a hurricane compared to Biden’s “no comment” response.

“100 people dead. Entire communities wiped out. President of compassion. Just incredible stuff. Biden is like ‘well at least I’m not on THAT beach,’” tweeted commentator Stephen L. Miller.

As Miller noted, Biden previously promised to lead this country with “compassion” — but his responses to numerous tragedies throughout his presidency, including the wildfire, have proven that to be false.