Book Promises To Expose New Evidence Of Biden Corruption

Evidence of President Joe Biden’s physical, mental, and ethical shortcomings have contributed to his rock-bottom approval rating and the large number of Democrats who believe he should be replaced on the 2024 presidential ticket.

While many mainstream media outlets continue to circle the wagons around the octogenarian incumbent, alternative sources and conservative pundits highlight anecdotes that portray him as fundamentally unfit to serve four more years in the White House.

Now, Breitbart News Network Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow is preparing to provide a comprehensive source of these arguments — particularly those surrounding the apparent corruption within the Biden family — in a new book.

“Breaking Biden: Exposing the Hidden Forces and Secret Money Machine Behind Joe Biden, His Family and His Administration” is Marlow’s second book and is set to go on sale in less than a month.

One early review of its contents described a host of new allegations that have not yet come to light.

“The details unearthed are astonishing: from schemes to extract cash from government-connected entities all over the world to devastating policy failures, to repeatedly putting family finances above the American citizens Joe Biden supposedly serves, it’s all right there,” the anonymous source stated. “The establishment media and Big Tech are desperate to keep these facts hidden through the 2024 election.”

For his part, Marlow said the project has taken “well over a year” to research and write, adding: “I have gone to painstaking efforts to keep this material under wraps until this point.”

The author indicated that he cast a wide net and “found more corruption, deception, and personal enrichment” than he had initially expected.

“I had been following the Bidens for 15 years before I took on this investigation, and I was consistently stunned throughout the process,” Marlow said.

Preemptively addressing critics who might attempt to portray the book as a bad-faith political hit job, he noted that it includes about 1,600 citations reflecting his commitment to accuracy and thorough research.

“I know it might sound like a cliche, but this is truly the book the Biden family does not want you to read,” he concluded. “I am 100% certain that if every American reads this book, Joe Biden’s career will be over, as well as many others in his direct orbit.”