Cartel Gunmen Ambush Mexican Soldiers With Landmines And Drones

Four Mexican army soldiers were killed and at least 9 wounded on Thursday in an attack by drug cartel guerillas using military-grade weapons.

The ambush took place near the city of Aguililla in the Mexican state of Michoacán as the soldiers were inspecting a camp apparently used by cartel members. As they were investigating, one of the soldiers stepped on a landmine in the underbrush. He was killed immediately and several others were injured, some of whom later died of their wounds.

Cartel gunmen then opened fire as other landmines were set off. The gunmen even used drones to drop explosives on the soldiers, a tactic that echoes the type of warfare currently being seen in Ukraine on a widespread level.

The Mexican military personnel attempted to fight off the surprise attack and called for reinforcements, and the cartel fighters escaped.

It has not been confirmed exactly which of Mexico’s warring cartels carried out the attack, but the soldiers were operating in territory belonging to the Jalisco New Generation Cartel.

This attack comes only a week after another attack on the Mexican army in which landmines were also used to ambush a convoy in the neighboring state of Jalisco. Two soldiers were killed in that attack and several others injured.

The Jalisco New Generation Cartel is not the only one to be using landmines, however. The Carteles Unidos and CJNG cartels have also been known to use land mines and weaponized drones in their territories, and have also been used in cartel-on-cartel violence.

Roadside bombs and explosive-dropping drones have been on the rise in Mexico, as cartels have increased their use to attack the army, police, and rivals. The killer drones are a relatively new development, as they were not seen in Mexico prior to 2020. As for other bombs, many are homemade.

Mexican drug cartels have been becoming more well-armed in recent years, even boasting high-powered guns, uniforms, armor, and vehicles equipped for military assault. With these new armaments, they have become more emboldened than ever to challenge government forces and exert their power and influence in every level of Mexican society.

In response to the growing threat, there has been a growing call in both Mexico and the United States to respond with military force to the cartels and destroy them once and for all.