Caught Again! MSNBC Hides FBI Violent Extremism Info On Air

If you watched MSNBC in the last week, you may have gotten the wrong idea about which groups are responsible for violent extremism in our country. The bait-and-switch slandered conservative groups.

The F.B.I. recently announced a $25,000 reward for information regarding attacks on nine pro-life facilities across the country. MSNBC presented the case as if the opposite was true.

Watchers of the left-wing network should not be surprised about the turn of events. The network is toeing the Democrat Party line once again.

There are ways to deceive, and there are ways to lie. The report hinted at the main source of domestic extremist violence being pro-life Christians. The truth is far different.

Instead, there has been a wave against the pro-life movement. Since the successful overturning of Roe v. Wade, there has been a target on the backs of Christians across this country.

The facts of life are conservative. And they are plain in this case. Attacks against pro-life centers represent a sharp increase in domestic attacks by left-wing groups.

After the riots in Atlanta this week, it should be no surprise that groups like ANTIFA are feeling emboldened. The risk of increasing violence against pro-life churches and facilities is increasing.

Even on the national political scene, the Democrats make a joke of the right to life. Vice President Kamala Harris omitted the part about the right to “life” along with liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

The lack of respect for pro-life institutions among left-wing radical groups and the White House. The Biden Administration pushed back hard against the Dobbs Supreme Court decision last year, much to the detriment of unborn life.

Democrats since have established a number of pro-abortion measures in states that they control. These represent a major pushback against the right-to-life policies across many states in the South and West. It also represents the next phase of the feuding national culture war.