CDC Warns Of Syphilis Outbreak While Ignoring Its Causes

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) warned about an explosion in syphilis cases across the U.S., particularly among pregnant women and their children.

Only, the agency did not term them women, but rather “pregnant people.” And it completely ignored the predominant cause of the startling surge in cases.

This is entirely symptomatic of Biden’s federal government, which daily places the woke agenda ahead of real accomplishment.

And, of course, there was no mention of the promiscuous lifestyle that promotes the spread of syphilis and other preventable diseases. That would be contrary to the liberal narrative of no consequences for actions.

Just how much has syphilis spread? In 2000, the number of people with the disease bottomed out at 32,000 cases across the nation. But by 2022, that figure had exploded to 207,000, and a malady once thought to be on the verge of eradication saw a strong resurgence.

The most maddening aspect of the syphilis emergency is its effects on newborn babies.

The CDC reported that over 3,700 babies were born with congenital syphilis in 2022. That starting number is 10 times more than just a decade before and also represented a 32% increase from the previous year.

That 2022 total is the highest in three decades, officials confirmed. To make the situation even worse, over half of the expectant mothers tested positive during their pregnancies but did not get treatment to protect their unborn children.

Exacerbating the issue is a supply shortage of benzathine penicillin injections. This is the primary medical treatment for syphilis in adults but is currently difficult to find.

The CDC’s Dr. Laura Bachmann said that it is clear that current procedures are not working to slow the explosion of syphilis cases. “That’s why we’re calling for exceptional measures to address this heartbreaking epidemic.”

Interestingly, there are no calls to address the very actions that lead to the spread of syphilis like wildfire. The CDC could easily note that behavior modifications would alleviate the crisis, but there are no such utterances.

Instead, there are suggestions for rapid syphilis tests to be made more readily available. The agency also recommended that medical providers begin treatment for pregnant women immediately upon a positive test and not wait for confirmation.

All good ideas, but they still blatantly ignore the root cause for the spread of syphilis.