Chip Roy Catches Democrats In Their Own Lie About Fentanyl Smuggling

Democrats have been trying to avoid talking about the southern border since President Joe Biden took office two years ago. With the help of their allies in the media, they can usually get away with it.

That is unless someone speaks up. Several claims that the fentanyl trade is restricted just to border crossing are absurd.

These claims were taken to the woodshed by Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX). He countered efforts to cover up the true extent of our drug crisis that is harming American households.

Democrats and their allies in the media attempt to play down the constant flow of drugs coming through our southern border. The more they try not to see the problem, the worse it becomes.

Fortunately, this isn’t the Texas Congressman’s first rodeo. Furthermore, if you’ve been paying attention, Rep. Roy has been on top of the issue for years now.

It’s good to see a member of Congress who keeps his oath. Perhaps it’s an example that other members of the House could use when dealing with Democrats.

There’s no way to avoid what is happening on our southern border. Tens of thousands of pounds of the powerful narcotic are being smuggled in every year.

That is an increase of more than triple and enough to kill millions of Americans. Fentanyl in particular is becoming the drug of choice for smugglers. This is a crisis that needs to be treated like one.

Our southern border is a national security risk of the first order. It is the main entry for illegal narcotics. It is the site of arms smuggling. The border also is a highway for illegal immigrants to cross.

We need to take the border seriously— something that former President Donald Trump used to remind us of constantly.

Fortunately, there are good members of Congress and governors left to help fight this difficult scourge. However, most of the work should be done by Washington D.C. The fact that the Biden White House is not willing to take on this national crisis says it all.