DC Shooter Previously Freed By Soros-Supported Progressive DA

The alleged shooter who killed a Washington D.C. Metro transit employee and wounded three others on Wednesday walked free on an assault charge last year.

That assault and battery charge against Isaiah Trotman was dismissed by Albemarle County, Va., prosecutor Jim Hingeley. He won his office in 2019 on the strength of six-figure contributions from wealthy liberals, including Democratic benefactor George Soros.

Trotman was apprehended on Wednesday and is now charged with first-degree murder, kidnapping while armed, and assault with a dangerous weapon.

The shooting unfolded on a Metrobus before continuing at the Potomac Avenue Metro station. Trotman allegedly brandished a weapon on the bus before entering the station and opening fire at random.

Two bystanders were shot in the station where flowers now lay and flags are flying at half-staff. Killed in the tragic incident was 64-year-old Robert Cunningham, who is being called a hero by survivors.

The mechanic, who had put in over 20 years with the transit authority, died trying to stop the shooter.

Meanwhile, the carnage under the leadership of progressive prosecutors continues. Hingeley received $114,000 for his campaign from Democratic megadonor Sonjia Smith and $5,000 from Soros.

In return for their investments, D.C. area officials have now lowered penalties for several so-called “minor” offenses. Sentences are reduced for such charges as carjacking, robbery, and several other violent felonies.

The D.C. council followed their radical leftist brethren after the violent summer of 2020 and cut the city’s law enforcement budget. Lower morale quickly followed and now the department has lost approximately 280 officers.

Many areas are reportedly short-staffed and ill-equipped.

Besides the assault and battery charge that Trotman was permitted to walk on last year, he was also reportedly arrested in Pennsylvania for public intoxication and drug-related offenses. He was released before his sentencing, which was scheduled for two months from now.

During that arrest, police reported finding 12 bags of methamphetamine, marijuana, and drug paraphernalia in his car.

So-called progressive prosecutors tout their reforms as bringing “fairness” and “equity” to criminal justice. What they actually bring are revolving doors that further embolden dangerous criminals to commit more brazen acts. And law-abiding society is paying a heavy price.