Hulk Hogan Assists Young Woman After Car Accident

Hulk Hogan rushed to assist a young woman involved in a harrowing car accident. According to TMZ, a 17-year-old was driving on the freeway in Clearwater, Florida, on Sunday evening when her car was struck by another vehicle that had apparently swerved across the freeway to make their exit. The collision caused the young woman’s car to overturn and roll.

Hogan, who had recently been baptized, along with his wife Sky Daily and their friend Jake, were on the freeway. They wasted no time pulling over to assist the woman. Subsequently, paramedics arrived, and sources reported that the young woman was rattled but ultimately appeared to be okay.

The 70-year-old wrestler and his friend Jake, a Marine, were the initial responders at the scene and provided assistance to the young woman. Jake utilized tools Hogan had on hand to deflate the woman’s airbag, and together, they safely assisted her in unbuckling her seatbelt and exiting the car. TMZ obtained photographs depicting the aftermath of the alarming car crash, which shows the overturned vehicle resting on the road.

Photographs depict Hogan and his wife standing on the roadside, observing the unfolding situation.

The professional wrestler married Sky in Clearwater, Florida, last year, marking his third walk down the aisle.

A friend shared, “Sky changed his life. He is the happiest he’s ever been – literally over the moon. If a guy like Hulk could glow, then he’d be glowing.”

They continued, “It was a low-key wedding. Neither of them wanted over the top, just a small affair with their nearest and dearest to declare their deep love and commitment to each other. Sadly, Brooke did not show up.”

The former WWE and WCW star has two children, Brooke, 35, and Nick, 33, from his first marriage to Linda Hogan. While Brooke did not attend the wedding, Nick was present.

Hulk and Sky got engaged in July after dating for just over a year. During his speech at actor Corin Nemec and Sabrina Nova’s wedding in July, Hogan revealed that he had proposed to Sky just three days earlier.

He said, “She was crazy enough to say yes, brother,” alluding to one of his iconic catchphrases from his wrestling career.

Hogan was previously married to Linda Hogan from 1983 to 2009. He subsequently married Jennifer McDaniel in 2010, and their marriage ended in 2021.