Intelligence Community: We Couldn’t Track Chinese Balloons Under Trump

According to inside sources who agreed to speak with CNN, the U.S. intelligence community has developed a secret technology to track China’s fleet of surveillance balloons only in the last year. Despite the lack of details on the new tracking methods, the sources claim that the U.S. can now track past balloon flights, including at least three instances during the Trump administration when the balloons crossed U.S. airspace.

The new methods indicate that the U.S. can now track the balloons in near-real time across the globe, which is significant considering the balloons are slow-moving and fly at extremely high altitudes, making them difficult to detect with traditional radars. In addition, the balloons are used by China for high-level surveillance. They could also be used to drop munitions or launch drone armies and EMP attacks on electric grid infrastructures.

The findings have come to light after a Chinese spy balloon briefly transited the continental United States earlier this month. Biden administration officials and the intelligence community have since analyzed some of the balloon’s signals to determine its past movements.

The existence of the new tracking method has sparked criticism from Republican lawmakers who argue that the administration did not act quickly enough to prevent the balloon from entering U.S. airspace last week.

In any event, it must be remembered that the intelligence community says now it did not know about the balloon flights during the Trump administration and could not have informed the former president of their existence.

The recent events raise serious questions about the capabilities of China’s military balloons and their potential threat to U.S. national security. Analyzing the balloon that was shot down could provide valuable insights into China’s intentions and capabilities.

It is also worth mentioning that CNN’s sources for this story are “six people familiar with the matter,” which raises questions about the credibility of the information. The intelligence community, media, and Democrat leadership have been heavily invested in criticizing President Trump.

The intelligence community’s development of a new technology to track China’s military balloons is significant in the ongoing tension between the U.S. and the communist regime. The potential threat posed by the balloons highlights the need for the U.S. to stay vigilant and proactive in protecting American national security.