Jean-Pierre Asked If Biden Will Drink East Palestine Water

Beleaguered White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was notably flustered on Wednesday when confronted with an obvious question from the press corps. It concerned her boss and whether he would treat himself to the local water supply when he finally visits East Palestine, Ohio.

Real Clear News reporter Phillip Wegmann asked, “Next month when the president is in East Palestine, will he drink the water there?”

Fair question after the town’s citizens were subjected to a train derailment that they believe poisoned the area with toxic chemicals. Almost a year later, this will be Biden’s first excursion to the area.

Jean-Pierre obviously did not appreciate the reporter’s query. “I mean, look, what I can tell you is the president’s focus has been to do everything he can to support this community from day one.”

Then she claimed that Biden’s visit is “not about some sort of political stunt here.”

The spokeswoman then repeated herself, declaring she was “not going to get into some sort of political stunts about drinking water.” Jean-Pierre said the invitation to East Palestine came from the mayor and community leaders, and Biden waited until “it was most helpful.”

A year later. It must be noted that Jean-Pierre has one of the most difficult jobs in the nation. Imagine waking up every day knowing you must defend this administration.

It was almost one year ago when roughly 50 Norfolk Southern Railway cars derailed in East Palestine. The ensuing investigation determined the accident was most likely caused by an overheated wheel bearing.

Whatever the cause, the immediate and long-term concern was the ten cars carrying dangerous materials such as vinyl chloride. The official reaction hardly satisfied worried local residents.

Authorities decided to conduct a controlled release and burn of the gas, sending toxic plumes into the atmosphere and surrounding countryside.

Half of the residents of East Palestine were ordered to evacuate. Those who returned and those who never left worried about the chemical spill and subsequent poisoning of the water supply and local environment.

More than 1.5 million gallons of contaminated water were removed by Norfolk Southern, and thousands of fish perished.

Worry became anger when the Biden administration was painfully slow in responding to the tragedy. Much was made of the village being a Republican stronghold that went all-in for Donald Trump in 2020 as the likely reason there was no presidential visit.

Now, almost a year later, Biden is preparing to tour the site. The question remains, will he drink the water?